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Our preference for a potential buyer wanting to reserve and place a deposit for one of our puppies are as follows: 1.Bring over the deposit directly, or if more conveinent: 2.send a personal check or US postal money order by mail., We do accept The Cash App, & Venmo as well Call Justin (770-527-7295) for instructions about sending a deposit. We will accept personal checks and U.S. postal money orders for the initial deposit only!! But due to the number of returned checks, deposit's paid with personal check's will need to clear the bank before a puppy can be taken home . Cash balance due on pick-up!! If you would like to purchase a puppy or place a deposit, Call me , print & fill out our sales agreement and either email it to us or you can place in the mail to get it to us in a few days. we will call you and confirm we have received it.

To finalize and reserve your puppy a $150 deposit is required and you must fill out and sign off on our sales agreement. There are no returns or refunds for deposits or sales.


Delivery fee: ____________________

Date of litter: ________/_________/__________
Sex: _______________ Color: ______________________
Price for the puppy: $____________ Date of purchase : __________________
Name: __________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ____________________________________
Tel: ______________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS: _________________________________________________
Driver's License # for accepting checks: ______________________________


Contract Requirements for all potential buyers:
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As you know you have just purchased a very small puppy. This is the original contract to purchase the above described puppy. Furthermore, by your signature below, you are aware and accept all the terms and conditions herein set forth. Moreover this addendum will help the buyer of the above mentioned puppy to better care for their newly purchased pet. We guarantee against hereditary defect or congenital for a period of one year from the date of birth, proven by a licensed veterinarian, which will prevent the animal from living a normal life as a companion pet. Also we require that all buyers bring their puppy to there local veteranarian within the first 4 days of purchase date for a Wellness exam & Fecal check !! If the buyer does not complete the wellness check with there local Veterinarian in the 4 day window, the buyer assumes all responsibility , & the puppy is sold as is. As a prevention we De-worm , treat for parasites and giardia in our puppy's as a preventive.. Especially as things like worms, parasites, giardia can be missed by a fecal exam and can develop after the puppy is sold. When the puppy's separate it is real important to check your puppy's individual stool . We do not guarantee the puppy against any viral diseases like parvo, corona, distemper, unless scientifically our puppy came down with it in the first few days and our Vet agrees on the diagnosis etc.). Viral diseases are highly contagious and can come from anywhere including pet stores, shelters, & even other breeders puppy's..The buyer also releases Justin from any future vet bills or any other type of bills pertaining the health and up keep of this puppy in the future. The puppy is sold as a pet and is registered with one of the following registries. American Kennel Club, American Dog Registry, and Continental Kennel Club. Also, due to uncontrollable and highly variable genetic tendencies, we don't guarantee a particular puppy weight and color. Puppies are sold as pets.

*If a problem arises with the puppy pertaining to genetics, or hereditary defects, The buyer agrees to allow Justin to have the dog checked by a veterinarian of their choice to diagnose the condition of the dog. If it is determined that the dog has a life threatening defect at that time, then the seller will either replace the dog once the buyer returns the dog or if the buyer wishes to keep the dog a partial to full refund MAY be given, but only at the seller's discretion.

This guarantee is extended to the original BUYER only. The SELLER is not responsible for issues such as landlords, allergies, incompatibilities with other pets or family members, etc. All dog sale are final. Deposits are Non-refundable!! but can be used by the original buyer within 6 month time frame from original deposit date. This Agreement has been read and understood by both parties hereto, and by executing the Agreement, the parties agree that all terms and conditions contained herein are acceptable and binding. Regardless of the conditions and circumstances surrounding the negotiation of this Sales Agreement, BUYER and SELLER agree that the interpretation and enforcement of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia, and any legal action instituted by BUYER or SELLER to enforce any term, condition or clause of this Agreement shall be filed in the appropriate Cobb County Court.

Please sign and date acknowledgment that you have read & agree to the terms of our contract requirements:

Buyer print your name & then Sign your signature & date ________________________________________________

EDUCATION FOR THE BUYER & Feeding Instructions / First few days are key & please be vigilant !!

1. The Buyer understands that the puppy being purchased is an extremely fragile breed. Furthermore, the buyer understands additional care may be needed to insure the health and well being of said puppy. Without proper care this breed can suffer from Hypoglycemia, dehydration, etc. You will need to make sure the puppy is eating, drinking water, somewhat attentive throughout every day and going to the bathroom. They puppy should be alert, attentive, playful (but also will do some sleeping as well). There should be no vomiting, loose stools, or bloody stools. This is not normal for the puppy.

2. Feeding instructions. The puppy is eating: Purina puppy chow "complete formula" dry-food. Also if advised you can give Lil Cesar soft food. Instructions: For first few weeks, soak dry food down before giving and also you can give 1/2 of the tray of Lil cesar soft food. (Don't stop Lil Cesar until you feel your puppy is able to eat strictly dry food.) We also recommend after the first 2 weeks the buyer with the puppy to a organic dry small breed puppy / dog food only.. do your research .. Nutrical: It's a tube that looks like toothpaste. Give once a day in morning and again at night. Finger nail portion only. (This is just for extra calories). Please don't give too much, it can make then sick.

3. We recommend that Buyer DOES NOT depart from this routine for at least one week from purchase.

4. Keep puppy a clean, dry, and warm place to sleep.

5. In the event of death of puppy, Buyer (at Buyer's expense) must provide Justin a letter stating cause of death from attending Vet. & diagnosis!! .. Along with a copy of the autopsy report and/or tissue studies conducted to determine the cause of death. We are not there and there are to many variables that could have led or caused the puppy's death.

6. In the event of death to the puppy, due to dehydration, starvation, malnutrition, trauma, not going to your local Veterinarian for care, or any other conditions related to the fragile nature of the puppy, Buyer agrees that no refund of purchase price or exchange of puppy will be forthcoming. There are no refunds or exchanges or cancellations on the credit. There will be no cancellations due to weather conditions. Additionally, Buyer agrees to hold Justin harmless for such. You should have the following in your home at all times in case of an emergency.

If your new puppy doesn't eat wet food or dry puppy food, then follow these direction: but also goto your local Vet for advice !! don't let days go by with out eating or drinking!!

1) Pedialyte (clear)

2) Nutrical

3) Chicken & broth or Turkey & broth Baby Food, good for puppy's iron levels (sold at Publix)

4) Syringe 12 cc

5) Karo Syrup If for any reason your puppy looks lethargic please do the following:

Give your puppy 1/2 to1 cc of Karo Syrup every few hours.. after give 3 cc of baby food every few hours.. and repeat daily until there appetite picks up. Call us immediately. also give a finger potion of Nutrical in morning & night..

Buyer (Print Name): ______________________
Buyer (Signature): ________________________ Date:____________________________

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